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We specialize in designing, manufacturing and distributing "all composite" racing kits. 

What we do...


The Neme-Q+ is the most complete Quickie 500 composite available on the market today.  

II Sweet and Proud Bird

Two Q40 models in production.  Jerry Small's II Sweet (Miss Ashley II) and the Jim Allen's Proud Bird.

Custom Builds

Custom builds for FAI & F5D including the  Bathleth produced for Team USA for the 2006 World Championships.  

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Winners Circle

Gary Schmidt & Jim Allen - 1st & 2nd Place - Winterfest 2007 

JD Glass, new Junior Record, Tangerine 2003 

 Rod Kelln receives a new Neme-Q for winning the CPPRA Q500 Championship in 2003. 

The Fly Fast Way

Designs start with a drawing

All designs use 3D CAD and computer airfoil analysis so that the configuration could be fully developed before the precision CNC machined aluminum molds were cut. 

The molds

Drawn by Terence Palaschuk.  Tested and modified by Jim Allen of Phoenix, Arizona. Converted & cut by Eric Bittner of Winnipeg, MB.  THANK YOU.....  JIM & ERIC! 

The layup

All parts are painted and laid up in the molds.  Guides are used when drilling and mounting all components to ensure every plane is manufactured the same and parts will be interchangeable from plane to plane. 

The Bolt-on V-tail

The bolt on V-Tail was the first of it's kind in the Quickie 500 models. 

Ready for paint

The aluminum molds are waxed and masked for the paint scheme.

About Us

Terence Palaschuk

Fly Fast Composites owned and operated by Terence Palaschuk. Terence is a journeyman Auto body Technician, by trade, who specializes in painting. His obsession with racing started in the summer of 1993 when he attended a Regina Windy Flyers Formula 1 Race. 

The first Q500 - Neme-Q

Terence's first Q500 was a scratch built "Scat Cat".  Once he managed to actually keep it around the poles, focus shifted on designing and building a lighter, faster, stronger Q500. Terence replicated the airfoil of the world famous NEMESIS, undefeated in Formula 1 Racing from 1991 to 1999.  Using the airfoil as the foundation, the Neme-Q was born.  The first balsa model was built in the summer of 1995.  Variations of the prototype followed as the plane evolved from a balsa prototype to an all composite.  

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